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Jan 2, 2017


Sungazer-Paradise estate offers special deals: Going Green and 50% discount for the first two buyers. Just 270.000 Rand for 12.000m2 (1.2HA) in a stunning area.
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Posted by: leo
We cannot deny it, South Africa and some other parts of the world are still in a sort of economic crisis, not really recovering from 2008.....

Recently we read the following in a Privateproperty.co.za newsletter: "Given the current state of the second home market, it may be wise for buyers looking for bargains to concentrate on areas that are somewhat off the beaten track. Areas that are reliant on tourism, away from major centres, and that are feeling the pinch in this market, in other words areas that are ideal holiday spots getting away from it all."
That's the exact description of what Sungazer-Paradise is all about; Sungazer-Paradise offers you this super "getting away from it all" in a stunning area.

Privateproperty goes on:
"As with any property investment, a holiday home should not be considered a short-term investment, says Clark....   "Consider the benefits: whatever the cost in terms of additional expenses, your future holidays are free and this is an asset that can be passed-on to future generations.""

At Sungazer-Paradise sectional title development, we can only agree and would even add that a holiday house in this stunning area can easily be shared with other partners, friends or family, that way the costs are lower for the individuals involved and you still benefit from the same advantages.

We now offer two major attractions:
--The sectional title development is a "green development" where only alternative energy will be used, saving investors lots of energy-costs in the medium term.
--And we offer a super-deal of 50% discount for the two first investors, buying the first two stands,
as long as they agree to build the holiday houses within 1 1/2 years from the purchase of the land. (exclusive rights)
We created this last bargain to help overcome the hardship of the economic downturn.

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