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About the Development

Sungazer Paradise is named after the rare and protected Sungazer lizard which is found in this area.

A game and cattle grazing farm, it offers 360 degrees of spectacular views. To the north you look over the Wilgerivier valley, to the famous Tandjiesberge and Nelson’s kop. To the south you have breathtaking views of Rensburg’s Kop, near Montrose; the Swartberg on the escarpment in Van Reenen; and, last but not least, the 3000m+ tops of the Drakensberg, which form the border with Lesotho.

We are cutting out just 10 plots of 1.2 hectare each. Each will have basic access; a farm road and crisp, clear running mountain water.  There will be security on horseback to look after you and your property when you’re not there. (to be organised by the home owners association)

Each owner can build his or her own house to blend into the landscape. Construction will be required to be built according to “green building standards” with the aim of creating an eco-friendly development, conserving energy and lower the operational costs; technology today gives you the possibility to build an economical, self-sustained holiday house without any Eskom connection.*
Your holiday house will be built to be a very efficient energy consumer ( low energy footprint),
using superb insulation, low-power appliances and LED light-systems.
This will allow you to live in comfort and you will have no worries about ever increasing energy prices and "load-shedding" power custs.
These systems are easy to manage and simple in maintenance.

*A combination of photovoltaic solar panels, a battery bank, a control box and an inverter will give you power for "normal household use".
Gas stoves are ideal for cooking and conventional solar panels will produce the needed hot water. Gas can also be used for top-up heating of water when you have a few days without sunshine and that's quite seldom.
This solar hot water system can also be used  for under-floor heating in some areas if really needed.
For heat in winter you can use some very effective wood or coal burning stoves, they radiate pleasant heat for long hours and the crackling sound of burning wood fires creates a cosy athmosphere.

There are fridges available on the market that are very economical and that only need a little energy to keep their low temperature. (A very modern system can keep the temperature of 4 degrees for up to 6 weeks.)

An economical diesel generator can be used as a back-up system to charge the batteries for periods when the sun is rather scarce, and that is very seldom. The same diesel generator can be used for appliances with heating elements like dish washers and washing machines.

The house plan is a sample: future house owners will be able to design their own house, but will be requested to use the U-shape footprint. In other words, you will have a minimum of 250m2 at your disposal within the U-shape and there is an option to increase the living space with 150m2 under the roof. Our well known architect will be happy to assist you at a very reasonable fee. House owners will be asked to respect the farming environment and will have a large choice of outside finishes for the walls and the roof. You could use sandstone and combine it with thatch or bricks in combination with corrugated iron or any other combination, just as you wish. The U-shape and the orientation of the houses also protects you from the dominant winds and that allows you to use your terrace whenever you like it.

The sectional title subdivision is situated next to the farm road on a nice sloping hill overlooking a panorama of pristine farming land and some spectacular mountains in the background. Each stand offers you 12.000m2 of pure space and is directly accessible from the farm road. There is more than enough distance to your neighbour to warrant total privacy and tranquillity. The houses are roughly oriented in north easterly direction and offer lots of sunshine and light during the whole day. In this stunning landscape it is never too hot and the sunshine is very welcome during the cool winter days.